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 Volleyball Season

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As you probably already know, the current sport going on at H.P.S is volleyball. There has been many practices for both boys and girls with boys practice after school and in the evenings and girls during school.

Many team members are excited for the upcoming tournaments on November 24 at Englehart High and December 8 at Temiskaming District Secondary School and are practicing extra hard for them.

There has been many clubs made for additional practice time such as volleyball club being run by Mrs. Langille and Miss. Jenkins.

There was even a coed volleyball practice on Saturday from 10-12 coached by the former grade 8 teacher of H.P.S Ms.Lauzon.

Volleyball is a great way to stay in shape and keep kids active.

Many of the students of H.P.S like to play volleyball and can't get enough of it.

We encourage teachers of grades 6-8 to include volleyball scrimmages in their gym class to help students get some extra practice.

We are going to continue our frequent practices and work really hard to positively represent our school in the upcoming tournaments.

 The Halloween Dance

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The Halloween dance, organized by the grade eight class was a huge success. There was about seventy students at the dance some of which came from New Liskeard Public School.

Admission was 3 dollars which made most of our profit. Pizza, pop and candy were also on sale. Pizza started out at two dollars a slice,but we encountered some problems selling it so the decision was to lower the price periodically. At then end, Mr.Brown decided to give it out for free.

Music videos were the main attraction, being displayed from a projector onto the gym wall. The great music that was playing was managed by Mason Givens Clarke. The students who attended really enjoyed the music videos. They were a great alternative to just playing music.

Various dancing contests took place during the dance. Whole pizzas were awarded to the winners.

Thanks go out to Mr.Brown and Mrs.Mcgilvery for taking time out of their busy schedules to be chaperones at the dance.

Our profit was only 100 dollars due to unexpectedly low pizza sales,but this dance will show students that there is more great dances to come.


Huge Halloween Dance at Haileybury Public School
Monday, October 17, 2011

On Friday, October 28, Haileybury Public School will host a Halloween Dance. The dance will be open to students from grades 6-8 as well as elementary students from other schools.

“I am very excited about it,” says Dylan, this month’s teacher's selection as student of the month.

Early reports suggest the dance, which will run from 7-10 pm, will feature a giant screen playing music videos from the world’s top artists.  

“This will be the best elementary school dance in this area this year,” says teacher Mr. Brown.  We are planning to go all out with decorations.  The gymnasium will be transformed into the spookiest setting of all time.”

Haileybury Public students will also be encouraged  to look for old witches and ghosts and around their homes to add to the frightful ambiance. Of course, students are encouraged to wear costumes on the night of the dance.

Food and drinks, including hot chocolate, will also be available.  

Although nothing has been confirmed at this point, rumours suggest that a prominent local DJ may make an appearance at the dance.

Students from other schools will need to be added to a guest list prior to attending the dance.  As long as they are in good standing at their home schools, they will be welcome. Students who wish  to come are required to complete the form below.  

Admission to the dance will be $5, but guests are asked to bring lots of money to spend.  Proceeds from the events will be going towards the Grade 8 trip to Toronto in June.

Edmodo in class                                    

By Ethan

Monday, September 21, 2011

Starting this year, the Grade 8 class has started using Edmodo, an internet-based social network designed for use in the classroom.

For those who are unfamiliar with Edmodo, it is a network in which students can submit assignments directly to the teacher or share ideas, links and videos with other students or their teacher.

One thing that is very interesting is a feature where students can post a comment directly to the teacher when he or she submits an assignment. The teacher can mark the assignment and give feedback to the student without ever printing.

Another thing that is very cool is a feature in which parents can go on the site and enter a code to access their child's grades to see how well they are doing on school work.

Students can upload photos to their profile or they can use a series of photos already supplied by Edmodo.

It seems that everyone in our class likes using Edmodo and I think that is a very efficient way to bring technology into the classroom and keep all assignments organized.


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